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Safety Precautions for the Installation of the Anemometer Tower

The following safety precautions apply to all tall towers used in the Colorado Anemometer Loan Program and will be followed at all installations:

  1. DO NOT climb the tower.
  2. DO NOT erect tower within 1 ½ times the tower height of electric power lines (100 feet for a 20m tower and 150 feet for a 30m tower).
  3. DO NOT erect tower within 1 ½ times the tower height of walkways, roads, or buildings (100 feet for a 20m tower and 150 feet for a 30m tower)..
  4. DO NOT permit unauthorized personnel onto the tower erection site while the tower is being
  5. DO NOT raise or lower the tower on a day with high winds or gusty winds.
  6. DO NOT use mechanical tensioning devices to adjust guy wires.
  7. DO NOT stand in line with, directly in front of, or behind any tensioned cable.
  8. DO NOT oil tower joints. This can cause tower failure if the tubes “self flare.”
  9. DO determine the soil type at your site and install the correct anchors.
  10. DO place tower anchors according to anchor manufacturer’s recommendations.
  11. DO properly ground the tower electrically.
  12. DO stand to the side of any tensioned cables.
  13. IF you are NOT familiar with erecting towers of this type, seek professional guidance.
    NRG will gladly help answer any questions.
  14. Tall guyed towers are dangerous, and you or members of your crew can
    be injured or killed.
  15. IF installing the TallTower in an agricultural area, notify appropriate parties and install
    warning devices as needed. Towers can pose a threat to low-flying crop dusting

You can also find the tower manual for the Earth Turbine 34m Tower here and the manual for the Symphonie data logger here.

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