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  • Graduate student JJ Moritz and Professors John Williams and Leslie Stone-Roy have been featured on CSU's SOURCE website for their work on a sensory substitution device that converts sound to electrical impulses detected by the tongue.
    Words in the mouth: CSU device lets you hear with your tongue by Kortny Rolston, January 12, 2015.

John Williams, Leslie Stone-Roy, and JJ Moritz
John Williams, Leslie Stone-Roy, and JJ Moritz
Photo by John Eisele/Colorado State University

  • John Williams received the university-wide Jack E. Cermak Outstanding Advisor Award for the 2010-2011 academic year. The award was endowed in 1984 to honor excellence in academic advising, including recognition by students and peers as an outstanding advisor; capacity to offer career as well as academic advising; interpersonal communication skills that lead to beneficial advising relationships; and contributions to the improvement of advising services and/or the appreciation of academic advising throughout the campus.

  • Professors John Williams and Ketul Popat (Mechanical Engineering, School of Biomedical Engineering) were recognized in the College of Engineering's "Infrastructure" publication for thier 2008-2009 senior design practicum collaboration. The students created a plasma-based biomedical coating system to investigate surface modifications that may improve dental and orthopedic implant integration.

  • September 2007: Professor Paul Wilbur was awarded a Medal of Outstanding Achievement in Electric Propulsion at the 30th International Electric Propulsion Conference held in Florence, Italy.
    • "For his seminal work and many classic contributions to ion propulsion, and for his invaluable role in EP education."
Paul Wilbur IEPC 2007

  • The NASA-JPL Dawn mission launched September 27th. Dawn will visit the asteroids Vesta (2011) and Ceres (2015) using ion propulsion.

  • July 17, 2007: KUNC NPR Audio Clip

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