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Electric Propulsion & Plasma Engineering
Prof. John D. Williams, Director
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Thomas M. Andreano, M.S. 2020

  • Performance and Plume Characterization of a Laboratory Krypton Hall Thruster

Kirk J. Boehm, M.S. 2017

  • Selective Electron Beam Sintering in Combination with Hollow Cathodes

Kirk J. Boehm

Carl Mullins, M.S. 2015

  • Non-Invasive Hall Current Distribution Measurement in a Hall Effect Thruster

Carl Mullins

Corson Cramer, M.S. 2014

  • Thin-film, nano-structured, thermoelectric materials.

Corson Cramer

Lauren P. Rand, Ph.D. 2014

Lauren Rand

Derek M. Blash, M.S. 2013

Derek Blash

Garrett E. Metz, M.S. 2012

Garrett Metz

Drew Swanson, M.S. 2012

Nicholas A. Riedel, Ph.D. 2012

Nick Riedel

Austin L. Jurgensmeyer, M.S. 2011

Austin Jurgensmeyer

Nathan Anthony Trujillo, M.S. 2011

Nathan Trujillo

Russell H. Martin, M.S. 2008

Russell Martin

Justin W. Mauck, M.S. 2008

Casey C. Farnell, Ph.D. 2007

Cody C. Farnell, Ph.D. 2007

Vijay Surla, Ph.D. 2007

Vijay Surla

Kirk A. Zoerb, M.S. 2007

Rafael A. Martinez, M.S. 2007

Rafael Martinez

D. Mark Laufer, M.S. 2004

Devin D. Shunk, M.S. 2002

David Burtner, Ph.D. 1999

J. Steven Snyder, Ph.D. 1998

Ikuya Kameyama, Ph.D. 1997

John Davis, M.S. 1997

Timothy Barker, M.S. 1996

Jeffery M. Monheiser, Ph.D. 1994

Bradley A. Shogrin, M.S. 1994

John R. Anderson, Ph.D. 1993

Brett W. Buchholtz, M.S. 1993

John D. Williams, Ph.D. 1991

Ronghua Wei, Ph.D. 1990

Jason A. Vaughn, M.S. 1989

Larry O. Daniels, M.S. 1985

John Brophy, Ph.D. 1984

Ben D. Shaw, M.S. 1984

Dennis J. Fitzgerald, Ph.D. 1983

Daniel E. Siegfried, Ph.D. 1982

Glen Longhurst, Ph.D. 1978

Gerald C. Isaacson, Ph.D. 1977

John R. Beattie, Ph.D. 1976

Ralph R. Peters, Ph.D. 1976

Former Associates

Kan Xie, Visiting Scholar, Research Scientist II, 2011-2012

Kan Xie

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