At the LAQR, we specialize in the measurement and modeling of air pollutant emissions from energy and combustion sources with a special emphasis on characterizing the size, number, chemical composition, and properties of particulate matter. We employ the following instrumentation to meet our measurement needs:

  1. Portable dilution tunnel for emissions studies (aka iScooter)
    • Dekati DI-1000 ejector-diluter (baseline dilution of 8:1)
    • 200 L residence tank (residence time of 3-6 minutes)
    • Adjustable dilution ratio (8:1 to ~350:1)
  2. Portable emissions  monitoring  system  (PEMS, on loan from Lightning Systems)
  3. Portable filter cart for aerosol measurement (aka FOCACCIA)
    • Four, dual-filter cassettes
    • Fully-automated with LabVIEW (pressure and temperature compensation)
  4. Portable environmental ‘smog’ chamber for photochemistry studies
    • 10 cubic meter Teflon FEP bag
    • Temperature- and RH-controlled enclosure
    • 80 UVA lights (jNO2=0.25 per min)
    • Collapse mechanism for rapid chamber flushing
    • Field-deployable
  5. Gas analyzers
  6. Particle analyzers
  7. Ancillary equipment
  8. Computational  resources
    • Dedicated compute node with 28 cores, 8 GB of Ram, and 1 TB hard drive
    • Shared access to more than 300 similar cores

In addition to our research, we have executed several research contracts where we have conducted technical assessments, developed test methods/protocols and performed measurements to examine the influence of fuel additives and fuel treatment and efficacy of emissions control systems. Please contact PI Shantanu Jathar if you would like to use our services for your project needs.