Wilson Lab: Signal Processing and Nonlinear Microscopy

We develop advanced microscopy techniques to provide contrast between cell and tissue components that are difficult to resolve with traditional stains and dyes. We do this by leveraging the physics of light-matter interactions, incorporating nonlinear optics and real-time digital signal processing techniques. We are particularly interested in FPGA-based signal processing, sub-picosecond time-resolved optical interactions such as transient absorption, and applications of deep learning to regression problems like signal estimation and denoising.

2-color ultrafast laser source (credit: Jesse Wilson).

Simultaneous reflectance confocal and second harmonic generation imaging of canine oral mucosa. Depth encoded by false color (credit: Arya Mugdha).


SPIE Digital Library Hits Half-a-Million Milestone (Dave Smith's conference presentation mentioned as the 500,000th presentation on SPIE Digital Library).

CCTSI pilot awardee uses virtual biopsies to improve melanoma detection (Wendy S. Meyer, Found in Translation, Fall 2018).

Boettcher Investigator grant recipient studies mitochondrial diseases (Rocky Mountain Collegian, Sept 12 2018)

Using virtual biopsies to improve melanoma detection (Colorado State University SOURCE, May 18, 2018)

Openings and Opportunities

(Unpaid) M.S. in ECE Plan B Project (non-thesis). Seeking a student for software-defined radio project. Experience with embedded systems, DSP, and either GPU (CUDA) programming or Verilog/VHDL required. For Fall 2021 projects, student will be expected to start working with advisor to develop a proposal by May 2021.

Last updated 2021-02-24. Contact Prof. Wilson for more details.


"Phase noise limited frequency shift impulsive Raman spectroscopy." (2021) APL Photonics.

"DR-RINS: Digital real-time relative intensity noise suppressor for pump-probe spectroscopy and microscopy." (2021) Review of Scientific Instruments.

"Adaptive noise canceling for transient absorption microscopy." (2020) Journal of Biomedical Optics.

"Multifrequency microfluidic impedance cytometer using a field-programmable gate array for parasite egg analysis." (2020) Biomedical Sciences Instrumentation.

"Error estimation and enhanced stiffness sensitivity in contact resonance force microscopy with a multiple arbitrary frequency lock-in amplifier (MAFLIA)." (2020) Measurement Science and Technology.

"Transient absorption imaging of hemes with 2-color, independently tunable visible-wavelength ultrafast source." (2017) Biomedical Optics Express.

"Invited Review Article: Pump-probe microscopy." (2016) Review of Scientific Instruments.

Conference Papers and Presentations

"High-sensitivity detection of Raman vibrations in the impulsive limit with Doppler Raman spectroscopy." (2019; Video recording available)

"Real-Time Time-Resolved Optical Measurements using a Digital Adaptive Filter." (2018)

"Pump-probe spectroscopy and imaging of heme proteins: temperature effects and data analysis." (Video recording available)

"Pump-probe microscopy of respiratory chain pigments: towards non-fluorescent label-free metabolic imaging." (Video recording available)

"Real-time digital signal processing in multiphoton and time-resolved microscopy." (Video recording available)

Current Members

Dave Smith, Graduate Research Assistant.

Erkang Wang, Graduate Research Assistant.

Arya Mugdha, Graduate Research Assistant.

Cameron Coleal, Graduate Research Assistant.

Saurabh Gupta, Graduate Research Assistant.

William Hudson, Volunteer / Engineer in Residence.

Mikyla Bowen, Undergraduate Honors Researcher.

Jesse Wilson, Assistant Professor. (Google Scholar Profile)

Past Members

Servando Calderon, Undergraduate Catalyst Researcher.

Nathan You, Undergraduate Researcher.

Justin Falk, Undergraduate Honors Researcher.

Ava Raymond, Undergraduate Honors Researcher.

Namratha Menon, Volunteer VLSI Developer.

Ben Jenkins, Graduate Project Student.

Xuefei Chen, Graduate Project Student.

Dr. Scott Domingue.

Ming-Hao Cheng.

Alyssia Dong

Swarnava Pramanik

Ayush Mittal



Last updated: 2/24/2021