October 2019: Michael presenting his poster at 2019 BMES Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, PA.

June 2019: Wenqiang presenting his poster at SB3C 2019 in Seven Springs, PA.

May 2019: CVB Lab picnic. We had a lot to celery-brate this past semester!

April 2019: Lizzy presenting her poster at CURC 2019. She got to CURC-ulate her amazing research to CSU students and faculty!

April 2019: Michael and Dr. Wang at EB 2019 in Orlando, FL!

     February 2019: Michael was awarded the VPR      Graduate Fellowship for his 3 minute thesis      presentation!


November 2018: Michael was awarded the Founder’s Award at the CSU Graduate Student Showcase Awards Ceremony!

November 2018: CVB Lab at the CSU Graduate Student Showcase in Fort Collins, CO. We had a lot of research to show and tell!

November 2018: CVB Lab at 2018 AHA Scientific Sessions in Chicago, IL. There were plenty of Aha! moments.

October 2018: CVB Lab at 2018 BMES Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA.

April 2018: CVB Lab at Experimental Biology 2018 in San Diego, CA. It was anything but conventional!


April 2018: The SBME undergraduate hypoxia chamber and controller design and construction team won 2nd place at the College of Engineering E-day.


December 2017: CVB Lab bowling. What a great way to strike in the new year!