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The Need
Water quality issues are rampant in many developing countries. The presence of pathogens in the available water supply is one of the main issues for the general public. Some of these pathogens can cause extreme illness and infectious disease usually resulting in death. As a group of senior mechanical engineering students at Colorado State University, we plan to develop an easier and more efficient way to rid these pathogens from the drinking water to provide safe, clean water for remote villages located in these developing countries. The target areas of this team are the countries of Afghanistan and Uganda.

The Solution
Throughout the year we will be taking the passive valve-less flow-through solar water pasteurization system designed by Dr. William Duff and David Hodgson from the design phase to the implementation phase. The original design was built as a preliminary prototype that requires redesign to be cost efficient, easily cleaned, and user friendly before implementation in a developing country in need of water purification.