Project Summary

The SKIES project will expose high school students to science and engineering concepts (e.g. physics, math, electronics etc.) via labs with a focus on eletrical engineering. We’d also like to tie in, the potential career opportunities when choosing a science and engineering field. This will give students, who might be interested to these fields already, a head start and ones that aren't, the opportunity to immerse and educate themselves in these fields. While ultimately, sparking more interest in science and engineering. In the future we believe this project could become a part of the curriculum in several high schools as either an elective and or club.

The SKIES program will involve labs ranging from introduction level to the more advanced levels. These labs will be built and tested by project members and introduced to the high school clients for testing and feedback purposes. Once agreed upon, they will be integrated into existing program for schools that have clubs or electives that can utilize these labs to enhance their programs. Schools that do not have an established program will utilize these labs for pilot programs.