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Welcome to the Colorado Anemometer Loan Program

The Governor's Energy Office (GEO), now the Colorado Energy Office (CEO), previously partnered with the U.S. Department of Energy's Wind Powering America program and Colorado State University to provide the Colorado Anemometer Loan Program (ALP). Anemometers measure wind parameters that are used to determine the feasibility for wind energy. The anemometers are rotated on an annual basis throughout the State to qualified applicants.

We have information for various types of users, as follows:

Wind developers - You can find information about the collected wind data from previous and current ALP sites.

Potential ALP applicants - You can first find information about the general wind resource in your area and the collected wind data from previous and current anemometer sites. If you are interested in applying, there is an online application form.

Small scale wind aficionados - Suppose you already know that you have good wind or a nearby ALP site shows that there is good wind in your area. Perhaps you want to skip the ALP loan application process and go right to installing a turbine. We have information and links that can help you get started.

Status as of November 15, 2013:

Our funding with the Governor's Energy Office expired on December 31, 2011 and we have been keeping the program alive enough to keep the data analysis ongoing and to remove towers from sites with expired leases with the help of private donations, in-kind donations, and some funds from the DOE--sponsored Wind Application Center project.

Our most recent installation was a 34m tower southwest of La Junta on a small cow/calf operation. We installed this tower on November 30, 2012.

Since January 2012, we have also removed the towers and completed the wind analyses for the following sites:

  • Walsenburg South (Site No. 78) - This 50m anemometer was installed on 6/1/2010 and removed after just over two years of data collection on 6/7/2012.
  • Como - Reinecker Ridge (Site No. 95) - An anemometer and wind vane were installed at 33.5 feet (about 10.2m) on a pole at a cabin on 7/16/2011 and removed on 9/26/2012 after about 14 months of data collection.
  • Horsefly Mesa (Site 98) - This 20m tower was installed on 9/20/2011 and removed on 10/17/2012 after about 13 months of data collection.
  • Joes (Site No. 96) - This 34m tower was installed 7/20/2011 and removed on 10/13/2012 after about 15 months of data collection.
  • Padroni (Site No. 101) - This 34m tower was installed 12/30/2011 and removed 1/12/2013 after 54 weeks of data collection.
  • Akron (Site No. 94) - This 34m tower was installed 2/13/2011 and removed 2/9/2013 after two years of data collection.
  • Norwood (Site 88) - This 30m tower was installed 10/16/2010 and removed 5/30/2013 after two years and 7.5 months of data collection.
  • Waverly (Site 97) - This 30m tower was installed 1/7/2012 and removed 7/20/2013 after 18 months of data collection.
  • Florissant (Site 100) - This 20m tower was installed on 11/17/2011 and removed 11/14/2013 after two years of data collection.

We are currently measuring the wind at four (4) sites across Colorado. There are two (2) sites with 34 meter Earth Turbine towers now owned by CSU that were part of the CSU Wind Application Center. The WAC was supported by the U.S. DOE's Wind for Schools program. These anemometer towers are at the following locations:

  • Pingree Park (Site No. 81) - Installed 8/13/2010. This lease has been extended to three years, so the tower is expected to be removed in August 2014.
  • La Junta (Site No. 104) - Installed 11/30/2012. Thus lease has been extended. We expect to remove this tower in May or June 2014.

There are also two (2) sites that are not using anemometer towers but using CEO equipment:

  • Elizabeth (Site No. 18) - Installed at 30m on a cell tower on 7/5/2006. Currently, the anemometer at 30m is not recording as it was damaged on or about May 12, 2011.
  • Highlands Ranch (Site No. 99) - Installed at 34.6 feet (about 10.5m) on a light pole at ThunderRidge High School on 9/28/2011. This installation is expected to be removed by the end of 2013 pending availability of a bucket truck from Douglas County School District.

Upcoming Installations:

Even though our funding has essentially ceased, we will continue to accept applications and evaluate on a case-by-case basis based on the proposed location and the funds available to install the tower. Coloradans interested in applying for an anemometer lease are encouraged to submit applications by following the steps for the online application.

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